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Episode 39

Reclaiming Your Sexual Power Through Tantra W/ Trantra and Intimacy Coach Lucia Gabriela

Published on: 3rd September, 2021

On EP:39 Lucia Discusses The Meaning Behind Tantra, Benefits Tantra how you can reclaim your own power within your own sexual experiences, Tantra's connection to spirituality, How you can set sexual boundaries in your relationship, How you can remove Emotional and Sexual blocks to achieve orgasm, and so much More!

Lucia Gabriela is A Relationship and Intimacy Coach; Tantra Facilitator that creates a scared and safe place for individuals and couples to build meaningful intimacy in Relationships. Lucia Helps to heal emotional and sexual traumas to reclaim power within their lives and achieve and enjoy emotional and physical Intimacy. Lucia is also the founder of the Sacred Love Temple and Sarasota Dark Temple; creator of Tantrakink. Has been featured in Magazines and countless Podcasts and on ABC Suncoast View.

Guest: Lucia Gabriela

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