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Episode 47

SEX AND THE SOUL W/ Intimacy Expert: Susan Bratton

On Ep:47 Susan and I discuss; How Beginners can learn about the fundamentals of Sex and there Bodies Anatomy, How couples can keep things Steamy in the Bedroom, Areas of the Body that can Stimulate an Explosive Orgasm, Why it's important for people to Explore there bodies more, Susan's Vitality Botanical Supplements and Sexual Energy Bars, and So Much. More!

Susan Bratton is an Intimacy Expert and Self-Proclamined "Orgasmanaunt". Susan is the Owner of The 20 that specializes in Libido Support for Sexual Vitality; and Through Personal Life Media where she's Published over 34 books and Programs and Sex Ed Videos. That is geared toward having a more fulfilling Sexual Experience with your Partner that's sold Over 1,250,000 Copies Worldwide. Susan has some accolades in her repretoire; has been named " Silicon Valley's Woman Of Influence" by Business Journal and " Top 10 Internet Pioneers" by Ad Age Magazine just to name a few. It's no surprise why she's The "Intimacy Expert to Millions".


Guest: Susan Bratton

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